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Professional Trailer Repair provides great customer services, and first hand professional trailer repair with experience of over 20 years. Please contact us at 520-295-0316.

Trailer Maintenance

Preventative Trailer Maintenance

We service your trailer explaining what you need to be safe in terms you

understand and respect.

We service your trailer with a keen eye to your specific needs and wants.

>  We specialize in wiring & lighting electrical problems

>  Packing inner and outer wheel bearings

>  Inspect electric brakes for wear

>  Inspect breakaway systems

>  Check frame and suspension systems for wear

>  Inspect floor on wood and steel frame systems

>  Check doors, ramps and windows --check if they close securely

>  Inspect all lights, reflectors and safety equipment

>  Inspect coupler

>  Inspect tires for wear and damage

>  Inspect boat trailer hydraulic disc brake systems

>  and hydraulic drum brake systems

--  Upgrade from incandescent older style lighting systems to newer updated LED lighting systems

Preventative maintenance keeps your trailer and brakes properly adjusted and maintained.  

This service keeps the price of trailer repairs to a minimum.

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